Functions of a Complex Variable (SP23)

Welcome to our Math 43 Canvas Page.  Our main resource for the course is our web page.  We will use this canvas page to post grades and some other information about the course not meant to be shared outside of the participants.  

Now a little bit about the course.  As a sort of teaser for the course, one of the formulas we'll shortly make sense out of is e^{i\pi}+1=0.  It gathers five of the most common constants in mathematics together in one formula. John Kemeny, Dartmouth's 13th president, liked it so much, he had it drawn on the blackboard behind him in his presidential portrait in Baker Library:


After learning enough about complex arithmetic to understand Kemeny's formula, we'll move on to the calculus of complex valued functions of a complex variable.  I hope you'll enjoy the subject as much as I do.




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