Calculus All Sections (WI18)

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Section 1

Professor Pauls

MWF 8:50-9:55am

X-hour: Th 9:05-

Location: 061 Carson Hall

Section 1
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Section 2

Professor Ratti

MWF 10:10-11:15am

X-hour: Th 12:15-1:05pm

Location: 006
Kemeny Hall

Section 2
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Section 3

Professor Malik

MWF 11:30am-12:35pm

X-hour: Tu 12:15-1:05pm

Location: 108
Kemeny Hall

Section 3
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Section 4

Professor Malik

MWF 12:50-1:55pm

X-hour: Tu 1:20-2:10pm

Location: 008
Kemeny Hall

Section 4
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Course Information

(Note that as the course progresses, all items are subject to change.)

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Important Dates

Date Event
Thursday,January 25 1st midterm exam (6-8pm, location Murdough A02 Cook AuditoriumSolutions
Thursday,February 15 2nd midterm exam (6-8pm, location Murdough A02 Cook Auditorium) Solutions
Tuesday, February 20 Withdrawal deadline
Tuesday, March 6 Last day of classes
Friday, March  9

Final exam (3pm, location Dartmouth 105)

Review Materials 


Honor Code

Students are encouraged to work together to do homework problems. What is important is a student's eventual understanding of homework problems, and not how that is achieved. The honor principle applies to homework in the following way. What a student turns in as a homework solution is to be his or her own understanding of how to do the problem. For group work, the solution must reflect the common understanding of the entire group. Any copying (electronic or otherwise) of another person's solutions, in whole or in part, is a violation of the Honor Code.

The Honor Code explicitly forbids giving or receiving help on any of the midterm or final exams.

If you have any questions as to whether some action would be acceptable under the Academic Honor Code, please speak to your instructor.

Religious Observances

Some students may wish to take part in religious observances that occur during this academic term. If you have a religious observance that conflicts with your participation in the course, please meet with your instructor before the end of the second week of the term to discuss appropriate accommodations.

Student Needs

Students with disabilities who may need disability-related academic adjustments and services for this course are encouraged to see their instructor privately as early in the term as possible. Students requiring disabilityrelated academic adjustments and services must consult the Student Accessibility Services office (Carson Hall, Suite 125, 646-9900). Once SAS has authorized services, students must show the originally signed SAS Services and Consent Form and/or a letter on SAS letterhead to me. As a first step, if students have questions about whether they qualify to receive academic adjustments and services, they should contact the SAS office. All inquiries and discussions will remain confidential.




Course Summary:

Date Details Due
CC Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike This course content is offered under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. Content in this course can be considered under this license unless otherwise noted.