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This class focuses on advanced computer graphics techniques for realistic image synthesis. This course is designed for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students interested in obtaining an in-depth understanding of physically based rendering and light transport simulation. Students will learn about the principles of how light interacts with a scene and how to translate the associated image formation problem into efficient rendering algorithms. By the end of the quarter, students will understand and know how to im­plement many of the core algorithms used for rendering photorealistic images for architectural pre-visualization, visual effects, and 3D animated films.


  • MATH 8 and COSC 77, or instructor's permission
  • Working knowledge of C++ programming

Students will need to be comfortable with concepts from calculus and linear algebra, basic concepts of algorithms and data structures, and the basics of ray tracing. CS 77: Computer Graphics fulfills these requirements. The programming assignments will be in C++, so students should already have familiarity with C++, or be able to pick it up quickly from knowledge of related languages like C and Java. 

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Instructor: Prof. Wojciech Jarosz
TA: Srinath Ravichandran


TuTh 2:00–3:50pm
217 Dartmouth Hall


W 4:15–5:05pm
217 Dartmouth Hall

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