Linear and Multilinear Algebra (FA21)

Course Info:

  • Prerequisites: A previous course in undergraduate algebra is strongly recommended.
  • Required Text: David S. Dummit and Richard M. Foote, Abstract algebra, 3rd ed., Wiley, 2003; see their errata
  • Recommended Texts:
    • Stephen Friedberg, Arnold Insel, and Lawrence Spence, Linear algebra, 4th. ed., Pearson, 2002.
    • Steven Roman, Advanced linear algebra, 3rd. ed., GTM vol. 135, 2007.
    • Serge Lang, Algebra, 3rd. ed., GTM vol. 211, Springer-Verlag, 2005.
    • Thomas Hungerford, Algebra, 8th ed., GTM vol. 73, Springer-Verlag, 2003.
  • Grading: Grade will be based on daily homework, weekly homework, and a final exam.


Course Catalogue Description:

This course treats the subject of linear and multilinear algebra from an abstract point of view. Topics include bilinear forms, tensor products, algebras over a field, symmetric and exterior powers, and universal properties. Applications include the representation and character theory of finite groups.

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